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am building my pc and i wanna know which ram best for core i7 920 or maybe 930 : kingston hyper x or corsair dominator and is it a big different
am using my pc for 3d and 2d
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  1. The Dominator will be faster it has a lower latency timing.
  2. thx ,but if they have the same latency which is 8-8-8-24 which one to go for? ,am gonna buy 12 gb considering money too
  3. I like corsair better the dominator series is really great RAM and I have never had a problem with corsair. Kingstons are good too but if I had to pick I would get the corsair.
  4. thx alot
  5. Corsair is the best brand and their Dominator modules perform very well (high, high quality). If you can afford the price, there is no doubt.
  6. i will go for it
  7. Unless you'r OCing like mad, the Dominator's are no use for you. RAM speed/timing makes very little difference in real life performance.
  8. isnt overcloking heat the processor insanely, if so is it safe to overclok always, if not then what is the best mhz if am not overcloking at all , is it has to mach the processor !?
  9. ^ If you have good cooling, you can OC it. For example, I OCed my i7 920 to 4Ghz on water cooling. With a good air cooler, most people can hit 3.6Ghz on the i7 920.
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