Windows 7 can't detect SSD on first boot?

I just put my computer together with the following SSD and motherboard:

ASUS P6T LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH080G1 80GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - OEM

It detects my SSD in my bios with Raid 1 but when I boot up into windows 7 installation CD (I got it from the college bookstore) it would only show my other two harddrives but not my SSD! Do I need to do something in bios first? Or are there specific slots I need to plug my SSD in? Please help!

EDIT: I tried plugging the SATA into SATA_E1 (Orange, Port 0) but it doesnt seem to help. It shows up the harddrive as an avaiable option to install the OSD (Disk 0, 1, 2) but when i choose it to have my OS to be installed on, it says "Windows is unable to install to the selected locatoin. Error: 0x8007000d)
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  1. Wait... it shows your HDDs but not your SSD? You have the HDDs in RAID correct?

    Have you tried with just the SSD?
  2. no, the two HDD's are not set up to be raids. No raids have been set up at all, this is the first boot trying to install the OS
  3. going to try a different cable.. and disconnecting the two HDD's to see if that will help..
  4. Ok it works now.. Somewhat.. When I choose it for installation it says "windows could not assign a drive letter to a partition on disk 0. The specfified disk does not exist. The error occurrs while prepareing the partition for installation. Error code: 0x80300025"
  5. 1. Try formatting and installing to the drive using a Linux Live CD (Fedora Live CD works well).

    2. If Linux works, it's a problem with the Win 7 DVD.

    3. If it fails, more likely a SSD or motherboard problem.
  6. Alright I am getting the same error code as bolaber.

    I just installed my Intel X-25 M SSD and the BIOS is detecting it, but I have not partitioned or formatted it. When Windows Vista 64 OEM asks me to pick a drive to install on, the SSD shows up but it does not say primary drive next to it. When I select the drive and press next, Windows gives me the error.

    I have another copy of vista 64 installed on a different HDD, I don't know if that matters or not...

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