Install windows xp on asus p8z68-v lx with AHCI HD

I have a new system which is using an ASUS P8Z68-V LX Mobo.

This system will be deployed as a workstation at work, and as such, needs to run XP.
As of yet, I am unable to install XP with AHCI Hard Disk support (which is required as it will need to be able to hot-swap disks).
I have attempted booting F6 Drivers during install via a USB floppy drive, and also slipstreaming the drivers into an install without success.
I was able to get the system running with the HDD's running in IDE compatability mode, however could not transition to AHCI after.

I have extended my knowledge and googling abilities trying to resolve this problem, so help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If this PC will only boot to XP there is no reason to run the boot hard drive in AHCI mode. After installing XP you can install the proper AHCI driver and then the hot-swappable drives should work fine.
  2. Thanks for the response.

    I however, managed to find a solution to the problem.

    ASUS (and I know Gigabyte do this as well, but not sure about other brands) use secondary, or i suppose 3rd party SATA controllers in many of their motherboards. In my experience, these secondary SATA controllers are significantly less supported than the main Intel chipsets.

    I have previously had problems with both a Windows 7 install on my main (which is a x79 chipset), and Ubuntu Server install on my server.

    It just took me a while to realise that this might be the same problem. :pfff:

    It was a simple matter of switching the hard drive's over to the Intel chipset driven SATA ports, then slipstreaming the drivers into the Windows XP install. It all then worked seamlessly.

    In my experience, I would reccomend avoiding the use of the 'additional' SATA ports added to ASUS and Gigabyte mobo's, and not depending on their functionality if it can be avoided.
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