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Microsoft Manufacture 7200RPM 750GB HDD Model#ST3750528AS on Dell 435MT. Not sure of current Read/Write specs, I am locked out of my BIOS. I'm currently getting a 30 second boot time, which I Know is decent, but I'm worried about the life of the HDD due to the moving parts of said HDD. Also, can anyone tell me how to locate Read/Write time? I'd love to know of Software Companies that produce and sell these programs? Computer Management? Most Interested!!

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  1. You have a Seagate HDD, not a Microsoft HDD (MS doesn't make HDDs).HDDs can and often outlast the computers they are installed in, you needed worry about that.

    A simple google search of your model number can point you to the tech specs and benchmarks for your HDD.
  2. I Googled myself confused....BIOS lock isn't helping this, I got a few glances, but found no real indicator. I have a rare array. as to say, I upgraded this and that. I knew it was a seagate but when I checked the device manager specs, and Microsoft, must have at least, designed the partition. I know that sounds odd. Thanks for the input, I know I have not done anything overly dangerous to my PC. Dropping BIOS to drain password and electrical set Supervisor password quest.

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