I have canvio basis USB 2.0 external Hard drive.if i connect with my laptop ,it will hang up.but data is available.the laptop not showng any data.i cannot open my hard drive.if i try to open,it will issue the message,the disk is not u want to format it now?please help me.lot of technical data is available
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  1. I suggest two steps to start. DO NOT format the drive.

    1) See if it works on another machine. If it does, use that machine to save the data.

    2) If you are handy with tools, and have access to a desktop computer, remove the drive from the USB case and attach it directly to the motherboard controller port (and power). If the problem was with the USB part, your data will be there, fat and happy.

    3) EASEUS provides a free tool that does a decent job of recovering data if the partition and format information are corrupted. See

    4) If none of the above work, we have to look at tools that do sector-by-sector scans of the drive to recover whatever data can be salvaged.

    Do you have backups? If not, go get a backup device and make copies of everything that you still have that you would not want to lose. Backups are a lifesaver when a drive crashes with data that you need.
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