Probs with Win 7 and HD 4870 X2

Hi gyus, i have some problems with my HD 4870 X2 and Windows 7. I upraded to 7 and the first thing I noticed was that my HD 4870 X2 ( sapphire ) scored 7.2 in the Windows 7 Rating .. With a HD 4850 (another pc) I scored 7.3. But as I dont give much about the Windows Test I started 3DMark06 and had 14000 points wich is about 2000 less than on Vista.I oced my cpu and tried other things but I couldn't really score more. After that I enabled the Crossfire Icon. I know that there is no Crossfire Tab in Catalyst for the HD 4870 X2 but if you rightklick the ati taskbar icon and klick on the primary HD 4870 X2 there is a small Crossfire Tab where you can enable the Crossfire Icon. I started 3Dmark06 again and there was no Crossfire icon, same with any Games. In Vista there was an icon as soon as i started Games or 3DMark. I started Vintage then again no icon and i had some really ugly graphig bugs in the first GPU test . My score in Vintage on GPU was 7400 ( shoud be 2x higher) and on CPU 11000.. So there has to be something wrong but I dont know what .....
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  1. Edit:
    Catalyst is the new 9.10

    Sys : Intel C2Q Q9550
    8 Gb Geil Ram
    Asus P5Q - E
  2. did you do clean install with win 7?
  3. What do you mean by clean install? I tried to install it and i got a black screen, when the setup restarted ( i think for the second time). I looked it up and found that i had to unplug my beamer because win 7 somehow continues the setup on the secend screen if you have multi-monitors ( or a beamer or tv or whatever) . The setup made a rollback to vista and i installed it again and everything worked fine. I know that crossfire doesn't work with multimonitor , that's why my monitor still is unpluged
  4. hey man watsup i've been facing similiar problems too actually on my laptop on vista i used to get a 3d mark 06 score of 7000 [hd4650] whereas on windows 7 its down to 6100 [that too vista was only 32 bit and 7 is 64]. i did a clean installation and had catalyst 9.10 installed; oh well at least the games dont seem any slower...
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