All the components of the cpu

pls i want you to give the full diagram of cd rom drive,pc motherboard and the full components of computer pls you can get back to me at thanks
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  1. components that make up a computer:

    Hard Disk Drive:

    Floppy Drive (old, now obsolete but found in many pcs):

    CD/DVD Drive:


    Power Supply/PSU:

    that link is a little older because it has an agp slot for graphics cards instead of a modern pci-express slot. also, most motherboards only use heatsinks without fans for the chipsets.

    CPU Heatsink/Fan:


    Graphics Card:
    keep in mind you dont need a graphics card if the motherboard has onboard graphics. however, since the onboard graphics thats built into motherboards in very lousy i suggest you use a dedicated graphics card if you anything besides word processing and internet browsing.

    ok so i dont think i forgot anything but i might have. below are a few random compnenents that you may come across:

    case fans:

    pci cards:

    water cooling!!!

    so if that wasnt all the info you were looking for you need to much clearer on what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. why do you need this info?

    im guessing the wikipedia page for personal computer isnt good enough?

    if you let us know why you need the info, we may be able to be more helpful.
    though shovenose's answer was pretty good :P
  3. Don't forget main memory.
  4. LOL i forgot the RAM good pont MagicPants!
    just look it up on
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