Boot up issue with HD4850 on Vista 64, i7 920

I've scoured the forums this morning for help and am struggling to find a solution to my problem.

3 week old New build on Vist 64 platform. 4 times the system has had problems booting. Following Post beep the screen flickers and I get horizontal lines and interference. Through the interference I see the post commands. Then get blue screen with dump error. It will reboot but get stuck on the same thing. Powering off and waiting 10 secs will load normally up through to the windows recovery screen. Selecting normal startup all works well. Vista tells me the dump references the ATI GPU.

the system works beautifully when loaded with no errors and a top 3dmark06 score of over 14,000 and no overclocking. mobo bios and GPU driver are latest.

I wondered if it might be a power issue, but forums suggest I should be OK. I have an energy monitor on the power plug and it reads at 140W (0.58 amps) whilst typing this email and climbs to 240W (1amp) under 3dMark06. Under Prime95 it hits 257W (1.08 amps).

PSU details here...

Thought about Bios update for the GPU but that's a bit drastic. Will do if I have to.

500W Earthwatts in Antec Case with case fan.
Vista 64 Ultimate
Asus P6T SE (BIOS 0603)
i7 920 at 2.67
stock intel cooler
Sapphire HD4850 Twin slot 512mb (8.65 driver)
Corsair Dominator 3*2GB
2* Maxtor Sata drives at 250gb
Creative Soundcard Live Audigy Platinum
DVD drive
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  1. bump...

    CPU temps under 3dmark06 70C and 43C unstressed
    GPU Core 72C and 51C unstressed

    from CPUID HW Monitor

    Just patched to CC 9.10
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