Dell Dimension e521 Keyboard query

I was looking at a friends Dell Dimension e521 yesterday and it's associated problems.

Virii infections/spyware bad javascripts etc.

After a few attempts to run spyware and AV proggies, and have them halt with bogus errors, I decided to boot into safe mode.

OK rebooted pressed F8 and when the safe mode choices appeared the Ketboard and mouse were NFG in selecting any of the choices.

The only option was to wait for the timer to count down and "Start windows normally"!

Just what is it that freezes the keyboard till the LOGON screen?

Oh and there's no F2 or F12 execution at post to get into cmos/bios setup either. (KB is frozen here too).

There are no ps2 KB/Mouse ports on this machine only the USB port where the combo KB~Mouse single usb plug is inserted!

I did eventually get other, AV and Spyware proggie's on to the machine (Eset and Malwarebytes to replace McAffee) and they did find 3 virii and 46 pieces of spyware, one of which was the AV2009 crap, Which slipped right by McAffee!

Even after removing the above, the KB/Mouse stays frozen till "Logon"!

I thought possibly the virii and/or spyware had somehow been the culprit!

Just what is it that is disabling the KB/Mouse until "Logon"? Has anyone else had this problem with the e521?
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  1. If it's still free, I would download microsoft's "security essentials" anti virus software. But first, uninstall all your other anti-virus software. This software works well; found and removed trojans 4 times so far while running painlessly. I switched to a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse on black friday. Cost only $5 after rebate. Well worth it.
  2. its probably waiting for the usb hub drivers to load...
  3. OK, some more input to have all you get a better idea of what the problem is that I got!

    1) This Dell E521 is running windows vista home basic not XP!
    2) There are NO ps2 ports (Purple and green) on MB at the back of this computer.
    3) The keyboard in use originally (see below) was a USB Logitech)
    4) I've swapped out two other USB kb's and no luck.
    5) I'm wondering if somehow a USB option in bios was set to disable the USB ports till after boot up? (I know going out on a limb here but I'm running out of idea's!)

    Does anyone have an E521? If so could you swap out another NON-Dell usb keyboard and see if it causes what I've got??

    Now after saying what I said above I am NOW typing on a Dell keyboard that will NOT allow F2, or F12, or DELETE or F8 at boot up either! That's why I'm thinking there is something that was set in bios that is causing my USB kb problem!

    I can't imagine Dell making one specific keyboard for this machine and a generic Dell kb for all their other boxes? all though that could be possible as there is NO PS2 ports here!

    Is there a windows based program that will allow me to make bios changes?

    thanks again all chris
  4. OK, first never did find the CORRECT Dell kb.

    I used msconfig to reboot into safe mode and then scanned and cleaned Spyware/AntiVirus and followed up with installing a copy of Win 7 Ultimate!

    Still don't have a pre-boot working KB before login, but all of the associated problems . . .

    1)Malware bytes would not update with an error report of 732, 0.0.

    2)Esetnod kept reporting errors.

    . . . are gone with the new CLEAN install of win 7!

    But now everything is hunky dory with the exception of the keyboard!

    thanks all
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