I am trying to fix a wavy, flickering monitor ... ATI Radeon X200

I have tried updating the driver through both device manager and ATI but it did not help the flickering. Is it possible to have old and new drivers installed and causing the instability with my monitor? Tried to uninstall completely and my monitor was flashing like a strobe light with huge icons. Had to do system restore because I could barely keep my eyes on the screen. Back to square one! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Change the refresh rate of the monitor..
  2. I did, still flickering. But thank you for answering!
  3. Is it an internal or external video card? If external remove it and place in another slot if possible if not clean the slot. Also try another monitor...It could be that the monitor is faulty.. If you don't have another monitor do you have video out on that system? If so try connection it to a TV and check if the flickering still is present.
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