Looking to Move my Windows7 OS to a new computer. Please Help!!

Hello and thanks for reading everybody! :)

I currently have a MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.4.somethingsomething.

I also use BootCamp to dualboot into Windows 7 64bit Ultimate version.

Here is where i could really use your help & advice:

I am planning on building my own PC this holiday season and, since i am a college kid on a budget, i would rather not have to spend the $100 or so to purchase another copy of Windows. Therefore, I am looking to transfer my entire OS (files, drivers, and all) to this new system. What would be the easiest way to do this?

Here is my thought process so far:

1. purchase a 500GB+ external Hard Drive
2. back up (create an image of) my current Windows partition onto said drive
3. assemble new computer and restore the image from the external Hard Drive
(this is the step i am most unsure of how to proceed!!)

Could you guys let me know if totally off-base here as far as how to complete this task as painlessly as possible? Also, any hints and tips would be appreciated. thanks again!

- Soon to be PC user
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  1. You got the right idea, but there are a couple gaps in your method.

    First off, just FYI windows 7 can only be installed on 1 computer per license (unless you have a volume license)

    That said. your biggest problem is that you won't be able to use a program like Acronis and completely image your hard drive and then drop the image on the new computer. This is because when you install an Operating System the installer makes changes that add in support for your particular software. So, basically if you just did a straight copy it would not boot...

    Basic steps you need to follow...

    1. assemble new computer
    2. backup all files (docs, music, pictures, movies) that you want to transfer over
    3. install a clean version of Win 7 on the new computer.
    4. Install and update drivers off of manufacturer websites for all components (start with Network adapter and video card)
    5. Copy all docs you backed up into the correct place on the new computer.
    6. Install any programs you want / need

    The other way to do this to make sure they are the same installs is....

    1. Assemble new computer, install windows 7 and update all drivers.
    2. Attach an ethernet cable between the 2 computers
    3. go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Windows Easy Transfer
    4. Follow the instructions, making sure to choose ethernet cable connection.
  2. As stated, it is illegal to copy your windows over. As a student, you should be able to get a new copy of windows for a relatively low price.

  3. It would only be illegal to have both copies active at the same time. I don't think you can get an OEM copy of windows for bootcamp, so the license would be valid as long as you *UNINSTALL* windows from your mac.
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