Hi Forum,

I currently have F3-16000CL9-2GBTD G.Skill Ram (6 GB, 3 sticks).
They have XMP.

I have a few questions regarding RAM and overclocking and its effect on gaming.
1. Does overclocking RAM yield better FPS in games or make it less spikey/more stable?
2. Does OC ram too much cause instability/spikes?
3. I noticed in my bios, if its at default settings, the allowed memory frequency is about 1000 or something.
- If i decide to change the BLCK => which will in turn increase the memory above its default, will this be bad?
- How is overclocking as mentioned above, different from activating XMP (extremem memory profile??) which sets the allowed frequency up to 2000 instead of the 1000?
4. I dont really want to touch voltage because my ambient temperatures can suck so i dont want to cause extra heat.

5. Should i stick with default frequencies pf the 1000 (close to that), or overclock it by upping BLCK or activating XMP?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. for all your questions
    ram overclocking does not increase fps when you have a fas ram already, oced ram make sys unstable, unless you are getting poor fps then no need to try to oc,

    use default clock
  2. just use default speed, realistically the difference between say 1300MHz and 1600Mhz (for example), it pretty unnoticeable especially when gaming.
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