Advice on p55 mobo and ddr3 ram combo

Hello, i am building a i5 pc and just about to order parts will this ram

still worm in the p55 express chipset more specifically thsi mobo
Thanks so much in advance for any info!
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  1. You should stay away from that kit as it requires 1.7V and that exceeds Intel's maximum of 1.65V. You should look for a quality kit that requires 1.5V.
  2. I don't like ASrock at all.
    If possible, try to buy an ASUS, EVGA or GIGABYTE mobo.
    MSI, INTEL and DFI are quality mobos too.
    Here you have some comparatives:

    Those OCZ modules are good enough. Anyway I would buy Corsair.
    Gskill and TEAM are good options too.
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