Upgraded Mobo/CPU, POST ok, wont boot from cd

Hi, i hope this is the right section.
So i decided to upgrade my Mobo/processor to Gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2H and a phenom II x3 BE. Ram is new(2x2gb OCZ gold 800) everything else is reused and working ok.

So i hooked everything up last night and it POSTs fine. From what ive searched in order to save my old XP I have to change the boot order to CDrom then HD and do a "repair" with the installation CD. I did so and after it POSTs, the CD spins, does nothing, then it goes into the "Safe mode, last known good config, start normal" screen(im assuming 2nd boot HD). I choose any and the pc restarts itself. Rinse and repeat....
When i only connect the CD drive is says "boot disk failure, insert system disk and press enter"

Possibly important info: The installation CD im using is not from the original install, it is a different burned copy with a volume license, and working since i popped it in before the mobo switch. But that shouldnt matter right? because all install cds are the same, just keys are different.

Am i safe to assume hardware(memory, IDE cable, etc) is ok since it gets as far as it does? Do i just need to find the original install disc?
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Sounds like the CD you are trying to use to install the OS is not a bootable CD, that it does not have the files to allow the system boot into OS setup.
  2. All install CD's are not the same.

    You do need to find the original disk.
  3. Thanks guys, Ill try to get my hands on a bootable disk. That never occured to me, lol. Hope it works cuz im otherwise at a loss
  4. thanks treefrog...bootable xp cd worked great!
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  6. You are welcome. Glad you got it running.
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