Is this PCI-E or PCI?

Hey guys,
I want to upgrade my Dell Dimension 3100 with a new graphics card, says this model has a free PCI-E slot.

I'm not sure whether these are PCI or PCI-E :

Can anybody enlighten me?
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    Standard old-School PCI.

    Here I found my old guide I made from the old ASRock-ULi Mobo;

  2. Thanks a lot, guess I'll have to start from scratch.
    Is the smaller, black one above the PCI's a 1x PCI-E?
  3. Need more focus, it might be PCIe 1X or it might be and older CNR port.

    Also is it a recent or older DELL?

    I've primarily worked with the Optiplex, Workstations and Laptops, not the dimension line, so is is recent or old?

    If it's OLD it's probably CNR, if it's recent might be PCIe 1X.

    On Dell's website it actually answers both your questions if this is your rig;

    See what a little Google can do? :P

    But if you're looking to upgrade, you're probably better off just buying a new system, PCIe 1X cards are expensive and geared towards 2D not any heavy lifting.
  4. Quite recent, it's probably PCIe 1x.

    I found that page but I think they've updated the model since I got mine :/
    My brother bought one a couple of months after me and his is a slightly higher spec.

    Thanks for your help, I'll build a new system :D
  5. Yeah you might even just need a new Mobo, I haven't looked, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are PCIe 16X equipped Mobos at NewEgg that would fit the rest of your specs so you don't have to buy a new CPU, Memory etc, but you may find yourself eventually limited by the CPU a bit.

    But at least you have options, more so than people with older P4s and Athlons.
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