Asus P7P55D deluxe or Premium?


Which motherboard should I go with? Asus P7P55D deluxe or P6P55D Premium with intel i5 750?
The only difference I can see is that the Premium board supports SATA 6

I am not interested in Crossfire or overclocking.
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  1. What is the cost difference (where you are)? Right now, the new USB and SATA don't really add anything, however in the future they may become far more useful. If they don't charge an absurd price, SATA 6 and USB 3 might be nice to have.
  2. I can get the Premium board for $260. The deluxe for about $200. Tihese boards dont have USB3 though
  3. Not worth $60 in my opinion. You should be able to go cheaper too if you are not interested in Crossfire.
  4. The deluxe board doesnt have STATA/USB 3
  5. Well, here is a Gigabyte board (very cheap since cannot do 8x/8x PCI-E split for dual graphics cards) which has both.
  6. Maybe for now I will forget about USB/SATA 3. I beleive I can get an add on card for these later when needed.
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