Will 275 wun on my system?

so these are my specs.
q9450 @ 3.2ghz
4gb 800mhz ddr2
1x 320 gb hdd
Creative Audigy Sound Card
Belkin Wireless thingy mabob
PNY 8800gt 512mb 1650/700/1100
9400gt physx card
550w Corsair vx550 psu.


i want to upgrade to a 275 gtx but im worried my power supply wont be enough.... will it? or shall i upgrade to a better psu and if so i would like one that could run 2x 5870 for the future.


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  1. 5850 no other choice
  2. You'll be fine with the PSU, Corsair's are known to punch above their weight which is why they are one of the best makes available.
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