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Hi guys i have 2 pc's one windows 7 64 buit the other 32 bit cannot transfer using network as it does not work would prefer anyway to transfer using usb any one any ideas how to do this and what tech i need to buy to use it and were from in the UK. files can be anything from 1mb to 30gb and it will be used almost everyday. cheers
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  1. usb bridge cable is your answer. Installing as a link gives you file access and installing ans a netword adapter will give you full access to everything & the network of the other pc. Some motherbd, like my asus, have this 'bridge' functionality built in; often called usb networking.
  2. @OP: Did you use a Cross Over network cable or just a regular Ethernet cable?

    Also, why not just set up a WiFi network with shared folders,etc?
  3. I have a 2000mbps bnetwork with gigabit cable and a wi fi network unfortunatly as the pcs are on differnt os's it does not quite ork, also for some reason the homegroup function on my main windows 7 pc's does not work. hence wanting the usb cable
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