Hyper 212 Evo HIGH TEMPS help please!

Ok I am really annoyed now, spent the past week trying to get temps down and nothing seems to be helping.

My build:

CPU - i7-2600k
Motherboard - Asus Z68 pro
Ram - Gskill Sniper 1866 8gb
HSF - Hyper 212 evo with push/pull using the same fans from factory, believe they max at 82cfm
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
GPU - Gigabyte 6850
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout with an upgraded top exhaust fan from xigmatech and added a front fan in the drive bay rated at 60cfm

I have had a 2600k/p67/ hyper 212+ build in the same room, same case and had idle temps around 30-33 with load temps with prime 95 at 70 max.

Now this time, I have a hyper 212 evo with push/pull, and i am getting 36-40 idle and touch 65 at stock speed and touch 70 in 5 mins at OC at 4.3,vcore@1.25 and go over 80 in 15 mins at which point i turn it off.

I have heatsinked it more times i can count now, barely got any difference.

Tried cooler master paste, AS5 and antec formula 6. not much difference in temps.

Tried opening the side window and blowing a fan against it and got maybe a drop of 1-2 degrees.

Please help, this is getting really annoying now.

Also does changing phase control, load line calibration affect the temps much? I set mine to Extreme/Ultra high to see if it did but didn't notice any difference.
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More about hyper high temps please
  1. I noticed (I have both the CM 212+ and the 212 evo) that the 212+ just cools more effectively.

    Have you checked the bottom of the heatsink? It might be worth it to see if the bottom is uneven.

    But regardless I will say I think the Evo's cooling ability is actually less than that of the 212+, not sure why.
  2. I actually went ahead and returned and got a new hyper 212 evo, same results. The bottom looks even to me. Considering going water-cooling or getting the noctua dh-14?

    any suggestions for a cooling set-up around 100$?
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    That's odd, your temps were still extremely high considering your VCore is only 1.25

    (To put it in perspective, even with my Hyper 212 Evo I was running around the high 60's at 1.310 Vcore for 4.5Ghz)

    Still I think it's a pretty shoddy cooler and the Hyper 212+ is better (even though it's cheaper.)

    But for 100, I really like the DH-14... But I've heard good things about the Corsair H100, unfortunately I've yet to use one so I can't vouch for it. Still for air, the Noctua is your best bet (But it's a MONSTER, make sure your memory will fit with it.)

    Really would try and isolate the problem first though if I were you, those temps for that Vcore are just really bad.
  4. I replaced the evo with the corsair h80 today to see if it was the cooler or some other component.

    Temps dropped to 32-33idle and 56-59 load temps with prime95 for an hour.

    Previously I had 36-40 idle and would hit 75 on prime95 in an instant.

    These are temps at stock speed of 3.8 with everything on auto. Hit vcore of 1.28, going to overclock to 4.5 at 1.3 and see what happens. Wish me luck!

    Do you have any recommendations for any other water cooling around the 100-150 range?
  5. Update:

    overclocked to 4.5 at 1.32 using offset, possibly could go lower but dont want to risk lowering the min vcore by too much. Satisfied with vcore

    Temps at 32/33 idle and barely touch 70 after 30 mins of prime95.

    After seeing what a simple watercooler like h80 can do i am definitely going to upgrade this and go higher.

    And I 100% agree with you that the evo is a worse cooler and a downgrade from the 212+

    Thanks for your advice, really appreciate it.

    Let me know about your thoughts on watercooling.
  6. That's awesome! Glad you could sort it out.

    With regards to water-cooling, I myself have been looking extensively into a higher end setup... But they seem to start at a minimum of 150, and just go up from there. (Especially when you begin wanting to cool your GPU's and mobo with it.)

    But your best bet would be to ask another question in the water-cooling section of the forums. At least there people could potentially direct you straight to a solution fitting your budget.
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  8. you all must be doing something terribly wrong :S I was running a standard cooler and getting 30C idle and 52C in game I upgraded to the 212 hyper evo yesterday and now im getting 14C idle and 26c in game I used the standard paste the supplied and everything
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