New system built... but won't start...

I just built a new pc. Unfortunately, it will not boot. I noticed that the the nvidia gtx275 fan was not working. However, the card is not defective, since it worked in another computer. All of the other fans including the processor functions. any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like a power problem to me. Is everything plugged in ? 20/24 pin and the 4/8 pin ?....... and power to the card ? And is the power supply up to it ?
  2. Yeah power supply is hooked up. every other fan is spinning. I'm not sure if maybe the six prong power plugs are not working... the processor and motherboard seem to be fine as well.
  3. The motherboard may be touching the case causing a short.

    Check it thoroughly.
  4. What are you using as a power supply.......... and did you think to use the one that actually powers the card. ... from the other computer....
  5. list all core components please
  6. are you getting anything on your monitor?

    we need more info, but it sounds to me like the video card is either broken, or not getting any power. both would allow the PC to start, but obviously youd get no input.

    try hooking directly to the MOBO VGA card, and see if it passes. if you can boot, you know its the video card.
  7. I5 quad core
    asus p7p555d motherboard
    nvidia gtx275
    ultra lsp 750 power supply
    patriot viper 4GB ddr3
    750 GB hard drive seagate barracuda

    I'm not getting anything on my monitor. The video card worked fine in another computer. Everything seems to be getting power except the video card and it is plugged into the power supply. It doesn't look like the motherboard is touching anything either.
  8. I had a mother board that wouldn't post because I didn't have screws in all the stand offs. Did you try using the other power supply yet ? And did you try using a different video card on the new board ?
  9. Found the power supply. Says 45amps. You have a lot of power hungry stuff there. Might not be enough.

  10. I realized I didn't have my power supply into the motherboard in one of my 8 pins slots which fixed the issue of the video card fan not working... however it still does not post. All of my screws are in the correct spots. I'm going to check and see if my power supply is enough.
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