No video signal and no USB power

Hey guys! Noobie here and I'm pretty much stumped before I ever got started. This is my first build.

CPU I7 920 stock cooler
MB Asus Revolution
RAM Crucial 3x2GB Ballistix Tracer 1600 Mhz
GPU BFG GTX 285 (2 DVI outs)
PSU Enermax Rev 1050W
HDD WD Cav. Black 1TB (sata)
DVD HP 1270 (sata)
CASE Antec 1200
MONITOR Samsung 2443bwx (DVI and VGA)

Yesterday I had gotten everything installed but have been tired of waiting on W7 so I thought I'd try XP Pro SP2. Monitor on, PSU on, hit power and monitor says "check signal cable". :ange: So I check connection (vga with a DVI adapter), same thing. I switch to the DVI to DVI cable, same message. I reconnected the monitor to my old Dell and it works fine. The GPU fan is working so power is there. MB LED is on so power is there but I rechecked the 24p and 8p connectors just in case. The 3 RAM card leds are flashing as well so I got power there.

I restarted everything, inserted the OS disk and hit reset just to check but get the same "check signal cable". So I disconnected the DVD and HD and reseated the RAM but no change. I got a cheap GPU with a DVI and VGA connection and no change.

It wasn't until tonight that I realized that the red light on the USB mouse was not lit and then I noticed that the CAPS light on the USB keyboard was not lit either. So I try all 6 usbs off the MB, the 2 from the module cable, the 2 on the front of the power. I plug the KB and mouse into the old Dell and they work fine.

The GPU is in slot #1 according to the manual for a single VGA card. The RAM is in slots A1, B1, and C1 which is the setup for 3 cards.

Am I missing something painfully obvious?

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  2. Hey, sorry, I knew I should have mentioned that I saw the list and had already checked those things except having a case speaker and resetting the RTC RAM.

    Anyway, I picked up a speaker today but there were no beeps to be heard (power?), reset the RTC...nothing....aaaaRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

    So I unhooked everything, AGAIN. I was positive it wasn't the GPU, DVD, or HD but it seemed that every peripheral powered by the MB didn't work. I really really didn't want to have to RMA the MB.

    After thinking , I had taken the 2nd and 3rd stick of RAM out but not the 1st so I switched that one with the 2nd and !!!SHAZAM!!! :bounce: I have a mouse and keyboard, hooked up the monitor and I have a bios screen.

    I add what was the 3rd stick of RAM and everything still works. Then I add what was the 1st stick back in and nothing works again.

    It appears that both other sticks work in single or double. The "bad" stick doesn't work in any combination. So, my question is...Is it safe to say that I have a bad stick of RAM that's causing my problems???
  3. Yes.
  4. No other possibilities you think? Just trying to cover my bases before I send the RAM back.

  5. Try it in another computer and/or slot.
  6. No other compatible computer and I switched it around the other slots. That's how I narrowed it down this far. I guess it's the RAM.

    One other question though. With the two good sticks of RAM whether with one or both installed, as soon as I hit the Power Off button on the front of the case, the computer shuts down.

    With the bad stick of RAM installed, whether by itself or in two or three stick mode, I have to hold the Power Off button for four seconds to shut down.

    Any ideas as to why this happens? Could the "sudden" shut down hurt anything? It's supposed to do the "soft" shut down isn't it?

  7. Forget that question, duh, I forget that I don't have an OS loaded yet and it's just power.

    In other news, I'm past 30 days for a return and my RAM at Crucial is on backorder for a couple weeks. Also, if I wanted to advance RMA it, the price is a $199 deposit. :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :lol:

    I may just have to go ahead and order another 6GBs and have a 12GB system!!! :D
  8. Can't you run with just 4 or 6 GB's until the bad chip is replaced ?. I've heard they sell some ram in Kits as a matched set. So unless they sell Matched sets as 2 good pieces and 1 bad the matching isn't very important after all. Just send in the one chip for replacement if you've verified it's bad. By the way you did set voltages correctly for the Ram by manufacturers specifications ? Good luck
  9. I got the 6 gig kit. According to Crucial, it's a matched set so I have to return all 3 sticks. And yes I am running with just 2 sticks right now until they either get more RAM to replace mine or I buy another 6 gigs.
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