What kind of overclock speeds are you guys getting from FX-4100?

I am getting just over 4.7ghz on my FX-4100 stable. Just wondering what other results people are getting.
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  1. what is your definition of stable and what cooling are you using and what voltage are you running?

    I just did:
    64-bit Prime for 1 hour and 11 minutes at 4.3 ghz after 47 minutes of Battlefield 3..
    So i just volted up one step and maybe it will be stable at 4.3 ghz. im at 1.44 volts now running prime 95 hopefully no errors for next 12 hours...lol

    4.4 ghz gave me a blue screen of death so i never tried to overvolt more for than 4.4 ghz speed.

    I have a cosair h80... its not running hot i just get some errors....

    i was perfectly fine at 4.0 Ghz with volts set to "auto" in crosshair v forumal mobo.
    Ram is 2133 mhz stock speeds and timings for mushkin.

    Edit: I might not be getting the greatest overclock cause im overclocking the ram speed... stock stable is 1866 mhz.
  2. My definition of stable is being able to play Ultra setting games for hours on end with no failure. This machine is my gamer/"HTPC".

    Here are my settings:
    CPU clock ratio: X22.5
    CPU NB Ratio: X10
    CPU FSB: 210
    HT link freq: X10
    Memory clock: X8
    Manually set your ram timings and voltage!
    CPU Voltage: 1.4875V
    These setting get me to 4.725mhz CPU, 2100mhz NB, 2100mhz HT link, 1680mhz RAM.

    Don't bother overclocking your RAM. I found while overclocking my system, when I started pushing the RAM it created instability. You don't get much gain from it anyways. I have some vengeance 1600MHZ overclocked to 1680, so barely any overclock. Hopefully my information helps you get that 1.1ghz overclock that I did!
  3. I was able to get 4.2 ghz stable 12 hours of prime... 1.428 volts. 2133 mhz ram.
    Gave up the conquest for faster.

    I feel its more realistic stability. I can run faster and play hours of BF3... but im all about stability. I dont want to worry about anything just turn on and play. I do backups on my harddrives with this computer and these backups take 12+ hours. so i need it to be able to handle alot of load forever.

    I feel i am most comfortable at this stability. Every rig is different and people will get different overclockability.

    I do find the temps go crazy when you increase the voltages. I just want to be safe!

    oh yea im not really overclocking my ram its rated at 2133 mhz and old post i just realized but 1866 is what amd says bulldozer can handle. I wonder what piledriver will do.
  4. I have an Antec 850 HCP power supply as well, running my FX-4100 on my ASUS M5A97 mobo, with Kingston X 1866 ram. I'm using the 920 Kuhler, and I can run a simple 22.5 OC and be 48 hour Prime stable 4.5Ghz.

    It may be my 970 Chip vs your 990, but I cant get much bus increase and remain stable, but just the mutli overclock is a 125% increase from the base 18, so all in all not to shabby.
  5. I noticed the NB frequency seemed to be quite finicky passed 4.5ghz. Try playing with that.
  6. full_out said:
    I noticed the NB frequency seemed to be quite finicky passed 4.5ghz. Try playing with that.

    My north bridge is at auto and its currently at 2207 mhz....

    So you think if I lowered it I would get a higher overclock?

    I dont really know the relationship between North Bridge. I assume it has something to do with Memory since its on the Memory tab of the CPU-Z screen.

    I dont really have the time to play around too much... lol Im really busy doing other things. that extra 300 mhz it may not be worth the effort...
  7. I found I had to keep it pretty close to 2,000mhz for the best stability
  8. I am not able to manually select a NB frequency lower than 2200... and it also automatically it chooses 2200 anyways.
  9. You don't have a multiplier for your northbridge?
  10. It may help to say my specs its a Crosshair V mobo
    I do have water Cooling Corsair H80

    At this exact moment i moved my CPU Voltage down to 1.416...for 4.2 Ghz

    I was tweaking trying to get 4.3 Ghz

    I tried bus of 229 x 19 to get 4352 mhz and i went all the way up to 1.45 volts and nothing passed the tests.
    Again its 229 bus just happened to be a good number to get my ram at 2133 mhz if i reduced the ratio by one.
    267 mhz is another good number.
    I read that the guys with the FX 8150 had a guide and they pumped the Crosshair V to 267 and lowered the multiplier....doesnt seem to work for me.

    But even though i didnt get any higher mhz i still was able to reduce my core voltage and get some more stability or less heat.....so not too much time was wasted for nothing.
  11. I dont think i do have a multiplier exactly... i cant find it in the bios. all i find is actual mhz i can choose.

    Which are in steps... i guess its the multiplier but actually showing me the mhz doing the math for me.....
    the lowest being 2200 mhz to choose.
  12. Hmm. I played around with my settings for 2 days straight to get mine stable. I found playing with the multipliers and leaving the FSB low seemed to do the trick. I left my FSB alone and played with multipliers until I found my max. Then I inched the FSB up until it became unstable then went down one.
  13. Did you do anything with Northbridge Voltage? I think mine is set to Auto.. even though it auto chooses the lowest one... i wonder if I have to increase it a bit to get more stability.
  14. I took everything off auto, just so it doesn't mess around. I found auto does weird stuff sometimes. I can't remember if I bumped the voltage or not. It has been months since I've played with the settings because my rig is so rock solid right now.
  15. Interesting i disabled "CPU SPREAD SPECTRUM" and "PCIE SPREAD SPECTRUM" (as recommended by sites) moved my voltage up back to 1.428 and now am running at 4.3 GHz.

    I tried 4.3 Ghz at 1.416 Volts and it didnt pass. But things seem to be more stable at 1.428.

    Its been doing Prime for 30ish minutes so far.

    Then I should try 4.4 GHz at the same voltage. Yes its a little game it gets addicting.

    I remember saying i dont have time for this.
  16. Hehe, can't wait to see what folks pull out of the 8350, I may treat myself to one for Xmas and give the other half my 4.5GHz 975be, its suffered enough I think :)
    You both seem to be handling things fine, save good settings as a profile in your bios so you can revert in case of error/giving up and make one change at a time,
    I use a similar standard as Full_out, if I can run MSE and MwBytes whilst playing a game I call it stable, but I do run IBT for 10 passes just to be sure of my settings
    have fun guys and watch the temps :)
  17. campdude said:

    Then I should try 4.4 GHz at the same voltage. Yes its a little game it gets addicting.

    I remember saying i dont have time for this.

    Ya lol. It becomes quite fun when you start digging in
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