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I have an abit IN932Xmax mobo which used to have 4 X1GB Corsair 555-15 8500's and two sticks went out a few months ago, but I started getting BSOD's and then BAM very brief BSOD (couldn't read msg); So I figured my other two sticks had gone. I replaced them with 2X2GBPC28000,555,12 Redline Mushkin Ram. , although all bios was set on auto, I tried to go in and reset to new voltage 2.1V, but no follow-up boot. I have no other PC to test RAM, but I'm thinking MOBO (its prob 5+y/o). SO is there anything else I can to to make sure its not RAM, and What Mobo should I get - I could prob. return DDR2, but is it worth it - Do you suggest a specific DDR2 highend mobo, or a 'obsolete resistant' DDR3 mobo with things like all those proc. spots/6Mbps rates ect> Thanks for your time in responding. Steve D in AZ
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  1. Run Memtest86 for both of those original 1GB sticks (ask a pro how to do it, I have no idea), and if the two sticks you think that are bad have errors or don't pass Memtest, then, you know it's not the motherboard, and it's definitely the RAM - as for the Mushkin Redlines, it could possibly be that the memory isn't compatible, or the settings need to be adjusted first. If it is the motherboard, though, simply get another one cheap, but in working condition, off eBay, which uses the nVidia 680i chipset, the chipset which the ABIT IN9-32MAX motherboard uses, and thus, you shouldn't have any compatibility issues. What is your processor?
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