Should I set my LCD refresh rate to higher than it's current 60 hz ?

Should I set my LCD refresh rate to higher than it's current 60 hz like the CRT days or is it not recommended ? I have to use ATI's catalyst for the desktop change , but in many/most games I can change it in-game , I just don't know if it would hurt the monitor or not (like maybe reducing its lifetime) . I've read that LCD's don't have flicker like CRTs but I also don't know if increasing the refresh rate is better for the eyes or not . That's 2 questions . Thanks in advance for helping out
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  1. 60 is just fine as lcds don't flicker. You can try higher settings, but in same cases it might actually get slightly worse. Mine cant really handle 75Hz even though it is supported, the picture sort of starts to vibrate slightly, it becomes restless... very unpleasant to look at...

    edit not sure about the life time, guess it doesn't really have any effect on it
  2. Some people claim setting an LCD monitor to 75Hz makes images look better. That's if the monitor allows you to do so.

    Many, not all, monitors simply takes a 75Hz signal an down converts it back to 60Hz.

    LCD do not flicker like CRTs and do not emit radiation as well. Overall LCD monitors are better for your eyes, but CRTs generally do perform better for games.
  3. Thanks Kari and jaguarskx
  4. It's odd that all other resolutions have refresh rates up to 75hz , but the native monitor resolution that is 1680*1050 is capped at 60hz .
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