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I already have a nvidia 260gtx card....will it run on the AM3 hybrid enabled cross fire motherboards....I know the hybrid function won't work but when I install this card on the motherboard will it function properly? Thank you
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  1. no it wont crossfire since crossfire is for only ati graphics

    sli for nvidia cards

    this is of only 2 am3 nforce sli boards i know of

    the other is
  2. It won't crossfire or SLI, but you won't have any problems running the single card.
  3. Yes it will work fine.
  4. ^only if they paid nVidia the SLI tax anyway
  5. ati was first to throw open the door for anyone to make a crossfire board and the cheaper boards which dont sli still do crossfire :kaola:
  6. Holy Christ.......... can only one person say YES IT WILL WORK FINE without adding a bunch of dribble.
  7. LOL
  8. and no you cant hybrid sli on a 760g/780g/785g/790g amd motherboard but a single card will work
  9. edit: never mind.
  10. Look guys the OP just wants to know if his card will work in his board. The answer is a plain and simple yes. He already knows that it wont run hybrid crossfire.
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