Help me plz Crashing!!!!

hey all my problem is that i keep crashing... i start my pc and it all works fine for about 10 mins but im pretty sure it is random sometimes it may be fine for an hour. neways i was running vista when it started and i couldnt figure it out so i formatted and installed XP and it was fine for like a day then it started again. no BSOD nothing it just restarts... i have right clicked on my comp and gone to advanced and then settings under startup and recovery and unticked restart automatically and set debug to none. But nudda nothing it just restarts still, no windows recovered from a serious error or nething not even a windows was shut down incorrectly. also sometimes when it crashes it gets to the windows screen and restarts again i just let it go until eventually it starts right up. But at ne 1 time it may restart 10 times in a row b4 i get to windows HELP i have no idea what it could be.
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    find another system which will accept the same components.. a mates or something. selectivly test all your components in his system, if any component makes it crash then you've found your problem. if it all works find try his stuff on your mb to rule that out. be sure to test each ram stick individually, iv had previous experience with inexplainable crashes such as this and i couldnt identify what component was causing it because i wasnt checking each stick individually. itll be time consuming but youll most likely find its a hardware failure, itll be frustrating but it happens from t 2 t.

    if all components check out then i cant help sorry. dual ops should rule out software problems unless ur bumming the install somehow which i doubt. it might just be your particular combination of hardware again which i doubt.

    best of luck,
    i know how frustrating these types of system crashes are.
  2. Thanks nutrigironman i have no idea what to do with it... everything is pretty much brand new

    DFI LanParty 790FXB M2RSH - 2 weeks as my XFX one died
    Corsair Dominator Ram @ 1066 - 6 weeks old
    HIS HD4890 Turbo - 3 months old
    Phenom II X4 940 BE - 1 Year

    and it was all working fine for weeks then it started crashing so i though it had to be a virus but apparently not... neways thanx for the advice ill try what you said i have another pc here i can try it all in :)
  3. Did you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors? What PSU do you have?
  4. My PSU is a corsair TX 650W and no i haven't ran memtest yet i need to buy some blank CD's. Also how exactly should i set up my ram timmings i have not done it b4 and. ATM i have fiddled with some ram settings in the bios... it was set to auto timming @ 400mhz and it said the current setting was @ 800mhz.. so i set it to 533mhz thinking that was right for my 1066mhz ram as it doubles?but i get the feeling there is a lot more to ram timming than just speed and Mhz.
  5. Which Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 kit do you have?

    Most of the kits require 5-5-5-15 timings. More importantly, they require 2.1v. The DDR2 standard voltage is 1.8v, so you'll need to manually set all three settings (1066 MHz, 5-5-5-15 timings, and 2.1v). Your motherboard owners manual should tell you how to set up the RAM in the BIOS.
  6. Try your PC using a different power supply. My experience tells me that this is the most likely cause of the issue.

    If it reboots while using a different power supply I suggest you test the memory.
  7. Hey guys thanks for the help. I think i have found the problem but it produces a new problem but only coz im fussy. Ok so i just remembered a while back that i was having some issues with my graph card and i posted in the forums here about it. So my graph card is a HIS HD4890 turbo edition that runs @ 900mhz standard but a normal 4890 runs @ 850mhz and if i down clock my card to 850 i dont seem to crash. But.. my PSU is considered one of the best 650W around and it is plenty for my setup. also i had no problem B4 i bought my LanParty board and every1 seems to think that it wouldnt use much power yet in the instruction booklet it says power requirements are 300W. also i dont think its power as it crashes when its just idle if it was crashing due to the graph card loosing power it would crash loading crysis as this would be hitting the graph card hard. also i like to run my graph card @ 950mhz whitch is the max stable possible or was with my xfx board running @ 850mhz drops frame rates in high end games massively. What could cause this if ruling out PSU and ram as i have tried and tested ram and its fine.
  8. in reply to shortstuff_mt i have the first kit with the heatspreader but i dont have the spreader installed. ill try those timmings now
  9. OK so im new to this whole ram timing thing i normally just leave it alone i posted a pic of my timings according to CPU-Z and AMD overdrive from what i gather i think my timings are way way off... for a start it says that the sticks are running at 267mhz and i think if i have it right the timings are set at 5-4-4-12

    this is the link to the image
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