Hardware monitor showing ALL zeros for voltage, temp and fanspeed.

The thread name pretty much says it all, save the specifics.
I am running a Pentium D 840 on a d945gpm mobo.
I had a PSU failure, and installed a new PSU.
Now, when I enter hardware monitoring in the BIOS, all fields show "0000"; voltages, temps, and fan speeds.
I did do a BIOS reset using the jumper on the mobo before the first boot with the new psu, if that is even relevant.
The rig seems to be running fine, but I'm worried about burning out my CPU if it gets too hot and is unable to regulate its speed or shut itself off.
My BIOS are the most current version available.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. I am not certain what you could do, other than replacing the mobo. Its possible that some sensors were knocked out when the other PSU failed. Have you tried any windows monitoring software? Not that it would help, just asking out of curiosity mostly.

    If you have a PWM fan, then I would just set it to run at 100% if you're that concerned about overheating.
  2. I tried EVEREST immediately, and it did show the voltages and fan speed, however, it didn't show any temps other than for the GPU. It doesn't even say "core 1: 0ºC" as the BIOS does, it simply isn't mentioned. Maybe the CPU sensor was fried, but something else is going on with the bios, as the fan speed and voltage information is available to everest.
    I did disable fan speed control on the CPU make sure it doesn't overheat. Maybe that would be a way to test the sensor, re-enable fan speed control to see if it throttles with CPU activity.
  3. Well, interestingly enough, I downloaded PC wizard and is shows all the information the bios is reading as 0's. Is there any reason you can think of that this software can access that information while the BIOS cannot?

    After the PSU bought the farm, and up until I got PC wizard, I was inferring the core temp from the vcore. In case you're wondering why I'm worried about overheating, before the PSU failed I was in the process of trying various thermal solutions to see if I can get this aging rig to stop throttling down to 2.8gzh from 3.2.

    It's very bizarre and somewhat troubling :sweat:
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