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Im currently running
E8400 @ 3ghz
4850 512mb
2gb ddr2 kingston hyper x downclocked to 800mhz
22in 1050 1680 screen

i now have a bit of spare cash and was looking for too upgrade, Im considering getting a 4870 too run in crossfire.

Will this bottleneck on limited pci e lanes on the p5kc. will i see a definate improvement in fps? and would the money be better spent upgrading some other components which would allow fps too improve better.

I play
bf2 pr
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  1. I was under the impression that crossfiring 4870 and 4850 would yield similar performance to crossfiring two 4850s
  2. I have never thought of that. What would cause this? Would it not be inbetween crossfiring 2 4850s and 2 4870s? 4870s really seem to be in a price sweet spot at the moment which is why i was taking interest in that over 2 4850s. I live in New Zealand by the way where a 4870 is about NZ$20 (about US$15) more than a 4850 which seems to make buying a 4850 pointless.

    Here, according to the article, the 4870 would simply scale itself down to match the performance of 4850 for the cross-fire (essentially the same as two 4850 crossfired.)
  4. What brand and model of PSU do you have?
    Crossfire on P35 is worthless:,2095-7.html
    A better single card is your only option.
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