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My monitor went "no input signal" so reboot and got the same response. Tried restore to an ealy date same problem. Reinstalled drivers for monitor and card same response. Will run fine in safe mode or VGA mode. I'm thinking card problem. Running GeoForce FX5500 on a Sony Viao PCVRX951. If card is a problem any suggestion... running speed 2.6 2g memory
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  1. It's NOT a hardware problem if it works fine in Safe Mode. It's a driver or setting problem.
  2. If this occurred right after installing new drivers, go back to the older drivers.

    If you didn't install new drivers, what did you do just before the "video" failed?
  3. Originally happened during regular use. Rebooted and got video in 4 bit only. Could load in safe mode and get full usage of disply. Updated drivers after problem and has not worked. Ran virus checker found three removed them but didn't change anything. Present sequence: reboot, get microsoft screen, watch the scolling, screen goes gray, black, gray, black "no video signal" monoter goes to hibernate.
  4. It'd be a pretty unusual failure to have a card work in safe mode and not in regular windows.

    Try removing the drivers *entirely* in safe mode, and then go into Windows without any installed drivers.

    If that fails, you likely have a virus (or I suppose an unusually bad vid card). If it succeeds, download a fresh copy of the drivers and install.
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