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So I've just purchased all my parts to build a new computer along with my very first SSD. I've been reading around and seeing there are a lots of things to do to make the most out of my SSD. Most of the posts and stuff are assuming I'm coming from having a computer already built and setup and that I was replacing the current HDD with the new SSD or reinstalling the OS and optimizing it.

Since I'm starting entirely fresh, is there things that I should do that are not mentioned or things that I don't need to do? A basic run-down of what to do would be very appreciated or a link to posts that describe my situation would work also.

Edit: I guess I should state what SSD I picked up, would probably help.

Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
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    Make sure you have the latest firmware for ssd and motherboard
    Connect SSD only. Connect hard drives later.
    Start PC and go into System BIOS
    Set BIOS to AHCI mode
    Set ssd as boot drive in BIOS
    Check BIOS power management settings
    Save BIOS settings and continue boot.
    Install Windows 7
    Install the latest storage driver
    Check the Windows Experience Index to get an idea if all is well.

    Here's a link to an SSD article published by Tom's Hardware:,2911.html

    The article is an analysis of 9 common tweaks for MS Windows and ssd's. If you haven't already read it, then you'll be in for a surprise. Some of the popular tweaks could actually harm performance. I only did the space saving tweaks mentioned in the article as they are safe tweaks.
  2. JohnnyLucky said:
    Make sure you have the latest firmware for ssd and motherboard
    Check BIOS power management settings
    Save BIOS settings and continue boot.

    How would I go about getting the latest firmware for the ssd when I first get it? For the motherboard, I can just flash the latest BIOS, but what would I do with the ssd?

    Also, what should I be concerned about in the BIOS power management settings?
  3. Since you're getting a brand new M4 the firmware should be up to date.

    Power management settings in Windows 7 can be found on page 7 of the article I linked to.

    Power management settings in BIOS vary and even have different names. Essentially you want to disable sleep mode or hibernation mode if it exists in BIOS. Typically a system BIOS will not have those settings. I have an Asus board that does not have those settings.
  4. what is the need for disabling sleep? i have a crucial m4 on the way as well for my laptop, and it usually sleeps very often due to closing the lid. should i be shutting it down instead of letting it sleep?
  5. Sorry for the delay in reponding. I am remodelling my home office/den.

    I am trying very hard to remember why sleep should be disabled. Unfortunately I did not bookmark the references. I think it has something to do with constant drive activity if in sleep mode.
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