Help! Need input on graphics card for christmas! 5850 CF?

Hi guys! I'm pretty new to the custom PC scene. To be honest I don't know anything. I have spent the whole day looking at reviews for the new 5800 series of Radeons stuff and they look fantastic! I just built a new PC with a 2.83 ghz quad-core processor and 4gigs of ram. I've got a 21.5" monitor and I'm ready to break out the bad boys. Unfortuanately...ignorantly...when I bought my PC I bought a Nvidia 9500 GT 1gig thinking it was great because it had a lot of ram....well I've learned a lot since then. So basically I bought an awesome laptop about 4 years ago and it was running new games for about 2 years. I want to have that ability again. From what I've studied I have found that two Radeon HD 5850's in crossfire would provide the best FPS for new games for my budget which is about $500-$550. Am I correct? I want to be able to play starcraft 2 really well and diablo 3 for sure without having to turn anything down. Basically, I just need some professional advice lol. Also, I play a lot of WoW which I know isn't a big deal for graphics cards but does anyone know how the 5850s will fare in it? Thanks in advance!
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  1. A couple of 5850's in are talking about fast amoung the fastest.
    You should have no worries (about GPU power anyway) about running anything out there today, and for the next year or more to come. WoW? This setup is about 10 times what you would ever need to play WoW.
  2. Two 5850's will definitely do you justice, however, we need a couple more pieces of information.

    Firstly, what is your power supply?
    Second, are you sure your motherboard can support crossfire?
    Third, for those games, you could buy a single HD5870, and then later crossfire a second one. This way you'll get even better performance down the road (one HD5870 should be a little less than 1.4x HD5850), and great performance now.
  3. Thanks guys! Okay...first i just have a crappy 500 wat PSU but this is the one I was thinking about upgrading to...maybe you can help me on that as well if its a good choice...
    If it's overkill let me know

    Second, My mobo is for sure even says so

    And thirdly...I never thought of that. I also am down for playing the latest awesome shooters like CoD 4:2 and such. I just don't know how soon I'll be able to get the extra cash for that to be honest.

    In the future...will I regret not having gone with a single 5870 then Xfireing it? Is it that big of a difference?
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