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So, I had this build, went to Xtreme systems and asked for help, and got this build that was better and cheaper! Tell me what you think.

Budget: $2000

Case[Total Price: 89.99] Xclio Blackhawk

Processor[Total Price: 199.99] Intel i7 920

Motherboard[Total Price: 289.99(Asus)/284.99(EVGA)]
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131365 (Asus)
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188039 (EVGA)

Ram[Total Price: 184.99] Mushkin 6gb DDR3 (3x2gb) 6-7-6-18

Video Card[Total Price: 759.98] Sapphire HD5870 (two)

Hard Drive[Total Price: $149.98] Samsung F3 (two)

CD-Drive[Total Price: $32.99] (i'll be harvesting from other comps for more)

Power Supply[Total Price: $139.99] Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850W

Heat Sink [Total Price: $62.95] Prolimatech Megahalem rev-B

CPU Fan x2 [Total Price: $7.20] Yate Loon High Speed

Thermal Compound[Total Price: $19.95] Indigo Xtreme Thermal Interface Material


ASUS - $1918.00 after MIRBS
EVGA - $1893.00 after MIRBS

Whatcha think?
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  1. You're certainly picking top notch parts. If the XFX 5870s are in stock, I'd chose those over the Sapphires, it's nice having a double lifetime warranty that XFX gives you, though if it's out of stock, I'd stay with the Sapphire.

    Also, my Promlitech Megahalem came with some pretty nice thermal paste. Not sure if $20 "Interface Material" is really all that much better, but if you are set on getting it, it would be nice to see a comparison on the cooling difference once your build is finished :)
  2. I've put some real research into that interface material. It beats the hell out of even MX-2.


    Here is a review on it, uses a lot of the big name thermal compounds.
  3. Ooh, they even give you gloves... why no hair net and labcoat as well? ;)

    But yeah, those are impressive results, and if I wanted to do an insane overclock, the extra $20 seems worth it.
  4. I'm tempted to push this build to 5ghz to see how it goes.
  5. Ooh, and I never responded to your video card suggestion, The only reason I went with Sapphire is because I asked a couple of my buddies what they thought since I have always used Nvidia (EVGA go!) and had no idea, they both said Sapphire because they generally have a higher quality product or something like that.
  6. Wait for the Arctic MX-3 and if what i found is accurate it would destroy the "Indigo Xtreme Thermal Interface Material".
  7. Yeah, they do make good boards in general, but all manufacturers will have an occasional dud. I just like knowing that XFX will take care of things if your card ever fails.
  8. http://vapor.skinneelabs.com/TIM/IXSupplement/IXSupp-main.html

    New info which includes MX-3 in the results

    Xtreme still cooler =\
  9. It's not that they make 'better' cards than XFX but that they're like.. Gold partners or whatever to ATI so have more models..
    For me I'd get the XFX no doubt (Sell it for $150+ in '11 and get a $200+ HD6870!)
  10. You sure your thinking of the right card Psycho? I think you might be confusing the cards with the 4870 ;-) These are the brand new 5870s
  11. Edit: ^ I'm talking about the right cards that's why i said "(Sell it for $150+ on '10 and get a $200+ HD6870!)" So $380 HD5870 to $380 HD6870 in 2010..
    ^^^ I don't know but in other reviews i saw the MX-3 beat the Shin-Estu X-23! So i won't make further comment on that till i find more info..
  12. I think Psycho was trying to say that if you buy the XFX 5870s now, "in" 2011 sell them and get 6870s which will probably be out by then. XFX has great resale value since the warranty still applies to whoever you sell it to.
  13. I'm sorry but I've to go now and will be back tomorrow! If the thread is still active I'll post :)
  14. Oh. I feel silly now =( But thats a good idea, And my build won't be until after thanksgiving so trying to build a shopping list to see what I can get for Black Friday prices. But I will see about the XFX cards instead of sapphire, Thanks for the suggestion =)
  15. ^Really good, but maybe you can wait till the GTX300 serie and make a 3-SLI or 4-SLI with some one of the mobo that I list in your other thread. (IMO)
  16. Can't wait for GTX300 =( Its estimated for Q1 2010, deadline is before christmas so I can put it together and stuff it under the tree, thanks for taking a look, saint.

    I noticed your also a "Microsoft Certified Professional" What would that entail? :D
  17. I think it's taking classes, or reading a bunch of crap, paying money to take a proctored exam, and ta-da! you're a Certified Professional. If you're in the IT field and you have a job that will pay for you to do it, it's not a bad idea.
  18. ^Is a Microsoft Certification for Win XP Professional, that certify that I know how Installing, Configuring and Administering Win XP Professional, and is valid worldwide.
  19. Love the Heatsink. The Prolimatech Megahalem is the best Air Cooler right now. What you need is an SSD, then it would be nice. You must have been lucky to score 2 HD 5870s, but I would say only would only need one of them. 2 is overkill right now.
    I have 2 GTX 260s and it handles everything I throw at it and some. I can play every game on high settings at 1680 X 1050.

    Here's my specs....
    MB/CPU: Foxconn Bloodrage with i7 920 D0 overclocked to 4 Ghz (7.6 Windows 7 Rating)....
    Ram: 6Gig Mushkin Redline (7.9 Windows 7 Rating).....
    Primary HD: Intel X25-M SSD (7.8 Windows 7 Rating)
    Other HD: 300 Gig WD Velociraptor (5.9 Windows 7 Rating)....
    Video: 2 EVGA GTX 260 SLI (7.8 Windows 7 Rating)....
  20. I can't fit a SSD into the build, pushes my budget over, so I am happy with the space. Maybe later on I will get a nice 80 gig SSD and reinstall windows on it.
  21. Read this.
    Maybe you should wait till Intel release the i9 and buy it!
  22. Can't wait till the i9, cutoff date is christmas (gotta put it under the tree, ya'know) And if I wait for i9, some new thing is going to be coming out in a month and if I wait for that to come out another cool thing, and baisically you just have to bite it and say "Okay, I will just have to work with whats available at <insert date here>" or you will never get a computer built.

    As for the 5870 review, I have actually read that.

    And the GTX 285 is about $40 cheaper and just BARELY edges out the 5870's on only some of the games. I plan on keeping this build for a long while so I am willing to buy slightly better cards, call me a lunatic.

    Should also note, some games (Like Crysis) are built to work well on nvidias, seeing that the 5870's are 1 fps below the 285's shows the strength of these cards. Take a look at the 3d mark vantage tests, edges it out by over 1000 points.
  23. Well, I wasn't (by any means) trying to say that nVidia is edging ATI's H58x0 or that the HD5870 isn't good..
    I was saying that you can make it with one GPU (1x HD5870) Then get the i9 (at June 2010 ~) And get another HD5870 or even a HD5870 X2..
    So with the HD5870 CF being bottle-necked by the most powerful CPU on earth! I think holding on the second GPU would be a good idea.. (You can even get the i9 then and a HD5870 X2 and you have a XF setup! :o)

    Edit| Also see this.. It looks like ATI has the edge now! Even in this title, so imagine what would the HD5870 do! (Why imagine? Look at its results against the GTX295 and hold on your chair! Not much impressive but consider $380 vs $400+ :o)|--



    By the way, Read my Sig.
  24. Ah, Apologies. I thought you were saying that I coul get the gtx 285's in SLI and save some money. As for buying new parts, not going to be switching out parts that often, Gonna run with this for probably 12 months then think about upgrading the cpu and such, but like they say; every 18 months the technology doubles, and i've had my current computer for nearly 18 months!

    If I were to go down to a single 5870, I don't know what I would fill the cash gap with.. and then if I get the 5870x2 that would be like running triple XF 5870's, which would be cool. I just might do that and get some crazy liquid cooling or something, dunno, my air cooling setup is pretty crazy (Think I am gonna change the case to this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811103027 ) which is just the upgraded version of the one I had originally been told to get, only this comes with more fans, and a window! (I can show off my comp without taking the door off! Yay!) It also seems to be a little bigger, a plus, and has more powerful fans as well. I would prefer not putting in a window myself so I am OK with paying the extra $40.
  25. just thought of something else you may want to try to check into.. Since you're getting a megahalem, I'm sure you're well aware that they are freaking huge. I have mine installed in a HAF 922, and the side panel is just barely able to slide on without hitting the cooler. That Xclio case you linked, has a big side case fan that might cause a clearance issue. Do you know anyone who has that or similar case to see if that side fan clearance won't cause problems?
  26. I was actually going to post about that, I was thinking the same thing when I was suggested that. but I wasn't going to worry about it overly much as I read probably 5 reviews and only ONE mentioned that as a problem, So i'll probably post the question on toms hardware and xtreme systems, double my chances.
  27. ^^^ You put it right!
    So I think..
    Get 1 HD5870
    Get a good liquid cooling system (consider maintenance requirements)
    Get a SSD
    Save the rest.. (If there's any!)
    Add another $300 by June-August 2010 And get an i9..
    By November 2010 get the HD6870 for the same $380!

    Remember that anything more than HD5870 would be an overkill (most of the time but not always..) And that higher than 1x HD5870 = CPU bottle-neck :(

    I can't comment for (or against) the XCLIO case because i never heard of it (Don't get that as it's bad but as i don't know much about it! So wait for another comment on that)

  28. Okay, you've convinced me (I was mainly getting the two 5870's to e-peen all over a friends face and his 3dmark06 score with his 4870x2) But Meh, I'll just own him in temperature.

    And I know lots of companies that nobody has heard of that make things that are better than the mass-produced mcdonalds construction line kind of items and are usually cheaper too because they don't have a name to stand behind!

    Well, I posted the "Clearance = good?" post on xtremesystems.org (not name that exactly..) so we'll see!
  29. Well, Good for you!
    You can still own him by OC'ing the card and the fact that it's a single card and a X4 XF system is possible with it while the HD4870X2 already occupied 2 slots (2 GPUs, 1 physical slot)
    Oh,.. And the Eye-Finity, DX11 and Bit-Streaming! (Don't tell him about that if you don't want him mad!)
    I'll have to agree with that!.. Reading some reviews right now an will let you know..
    Tell us the results and try the cooling section here in TH as well..
    I just noticed it but if you're not getting the RIG before Christmas then the HD5870 X2 sould be out by then! (That's one good news!)


  30. Mmkay.. Now, I subtracted 1 hard drive, 1 video card, switched the Sapphire to XFX, and added a 80gb intel x25-m g2 SSD

    And.. total price is... 1782.02 after MIRBS. Meaning.. I should probably stick with air cooling, but I have some more play room for a nicer case/mobo/sound card.
  31. In general I'd say most people don't need a sound card, I don't even use one. Mainly because the speakers I connect my computer to suck and it would be pointless. If you have nice speakers, and want to improve your gaming, movies, MP3 experience then it's worth considering. Even then, I wouldn't spend more than $50 for one.
  32. I actually use a headset, a very expensive one at that.. The Roccat Kave 5.1 Headset

    I love 'em. Massive cans that completely go around my ear without annoying my piercings after hours of play.
  33. then you might want to go with a card, just about all onboard sound setups get a little CPU noise that is hard to isolate from the sound.
  34. only downside is that, but I don't notice it when I am playing music, so onboard should be fine for now. I am thinking down the line anyways for sound card. USB for power is noisy too ;-) Anyways. What do you think about the SSD? Good?
  35. Rampage II Extreme?
  36. Hmm.. Rampage II Extreme, Its a nice board, just a couple little things (Stupid things, really, but hey, i'm a nut) that are turning me off about it.. For one, my current computer has 6 usb slots in the back, and I have 7 things that require USB =( So I am constantly switching them out. I was hoping for one with at least 7 so I can keep everything plugged in. Another thing is, the expansion slots, theres only 1 pci-e and one pci standard plug, but 3 pci 16x, Not sure how I feel about having only 1 slot open once I get a second card, its limiting, ya know?
  37. There's currently no mobo that can help you with the expansion slots thing except for eVGA's Classifieds..
    RIIE has internal USB expansion pins and include the expansion bracket..
    If I'm correct the case you choose has space for the front USB bracket (USB|eSATA|USB)

  38. Hmm.. Okay. I'll just stick with what I have then, Maybe a different case, time to start shopping around.
  39. I've another great idea!
    Get the P6T Deluxe V2 and the sound card in RIIE separately!
  40. the P6T Deluxe V2 was my original mobo I wanted to get, People talked me out of that saying "it isn't really that great of a mobo, it has lots of problems" so, I went and got the evga one.
  41. I don't know what do you mean (or people) bad with the P6T Deluxe V2!
    So the point is get whatever mobo you want and get the Creative X-Fi separately with it..
  42. They said that the bios is hard to understand (not very clear) on the P6T, The architecture (sp?) is sometimes faulty, and thats a big sometimes, they said to either go with some $400 foxconn or the evga
  43. For me I prefer 1. Asus 2. GigaByte 3. eVGA 4. MSI (and so on...)
    The Asus BIOS is very good and clear (I only dealt with P45 Asus BIOSes) But it's just that it contains too much options!
    For OC'ing you can always use the TurboV

  44. The EVGA board I selected is getting good reviews and even comes with software where I can OC it as slowly or quickly as I want without going into bios, that will be nice when I want to push the computer.
  45. ^+1 EVGA in some cases make really good mobo that can defeat to ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and others...
  46. I still prefer Asus myself.. Personal preference though.. eVGA is still on my list...
  47. So, Until new hardware comes out, I guess the build is done..? All I should look at are cases and/or sound card?
  48. ^Yes is Ok for now, and the case is good too. The most of the people don't need a sound card 'cause with the mobo sound is enough, at least that you need a great audio quality.
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