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I'm having trouble with my wireless connection and if anybody knows what's wrong please help! First off I recently installed Windows 7 at a friends house we'll call House 1. After I installed everything worked perfectly as far as my wireless connection goes. Then when I brought my computer home(House 2), my wireless would not detect / see any networks. Also before I installed windows 7, my wireless worked perfectly fine at both locations. I've tried and found out multiple things:

- My wired internet works perfectly fine.
- My router (NetGear wireless N router) detects my computer name and MAC address when I log onto the router configuration and information page.
- I recently(today) installed Ubuntu 9.1 and it has the exact same detection problems at House 2 as windows 7.
- I've tried manually finding the network by entering SSID and MAC info.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. First thing to do at House2 is disabled all security, including any MAC filtering. In fact, I would do a complete reset on the wireless router, back to factory defaults. Since most routers allow you to backup the configuration, you could do that if you want an easy way to get back to the original router configuration (maybe you’ve made significant changes you’d rather not lose, e.g., numerous port forwards). For right now, just keep it super simple, all defaults on the wireless router and client.

    And wrt Windows 7, don't try to reconfigure an existing connection for use w/ another location (e.g., because it happens to be using the same SSID and security). I've seen ppl do this and have nothing but problems. Always start w/ a brand new connection setup for each location.
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