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Should I attempt to lower CPU voltage?

Hey guys,
I'm a noob at overclocking and this is my first attempt at overclocking a CPU.
I'm using an Intel i7-2600K and have been trying to overclock to 4.5GHz.

Previously, I tried using voltages all the way from 1.27v to 1.36v with Load-Line off. When using Prime95, I received the BSOD each time, with the best lasting 1 hour.

Today, I followed a video on youtube. Setting my voltage to 1.38v and with Load-Line on Level 4. My CPU now appears to be stable and on full load never goes above 65 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, I had not tried lower voltages with Load-Line on 4. My question is, should I? Or should I just be thankful that 1.38v is stable and not change it?

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    lower is always better long as it's stable go for as low as you can ;)
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