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Hi all - Im using Acer 6930g notebook (C2duo 2.53 Ghz, Nvidia Gforce 9600M GT 1GB Cuda, 4GB ram) and I installed windows 7 ultimate and then updated my drivers from Acer's Support site.

My Aero performance score was 5.0 (Was in Vista Ultimate) and now its 4.9 (Windows 7 Ultimate). And interestingly i started to have delays on window frames while they are opening and closing. It was all okay in Vista before. Something is wrong there and it could be windows 7 data files / .net framework 3.5 or the graphics driver that Acer supported.

Can you help me about this problem. Thank you very much all and have a good time.
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  1. You probably already thought of this--but did you try updating drivers from Nvidia instead?
  2. Hello :)
    As poster above said try the latest Nvidia drivers for win7 and check whether it makes it better or not
  3. I wouldn't worry about the score, as they may have changed the system between the two OSes and it is really not a very good or reliable benchmark tool.
  4. Yes the WWE score isn't very reliable but the OP mentioned that there are some delays
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