I7 920 and XFX X58i Motherboard broken?

ok, so i got all of my parts in for my computer except the PSU. It is coming in tomorrow. well i was assembling the i7 and mobo when i noticed that it was taking some force to push the processor down. i know their is a few more postings sort of like this, but this is where i get worried. the processor was in correctly so i went a head and gave it a push, it was going down and i realized that it was to much force. by this time i had already heard something crack. the processor appears fine, so i was wondering if their was something i could of cracked on the mobo? im worried sick and i wont know if it works until late tomorrow
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  1. ok i might add some stuff, XFX provides no information about the built in LED display on the mobo.. or at least that i can find. i borrowed a friends psu but it only has a 4 pin connector but i was told that this sometimes works? i hooked it up, the motherboard got power, fans spun and what not, but nothing was on the screen, no beeps, and the LED display thing just displayed 88. not sure if it was cause i used a 4 pin connector or not
  2. Im pretty sure that the 8 pin connector is a must on the X58 mobo's unlike some other boards that can get away with just 4 pins.

    The cpu will only fit correctly one way in the socket - and from my own experience it does seem like a lot of force is required to close the cover. I would wait for the PSU to arrive before looking for fixes to a problem that may not exist
  3. Quote:
    You say it took force, do you mean to put the cpu in the socket or to close the cover over the cpu??

    If you read the directions that came with the cpu and the mobo, you know that there is a gold triangle on one corner of the cpu that must line up with the correct corner of the socket.

    Testing out your new mobo/cpu with a barrowed power supply that someone told you "sometimes works", is pretty darn stupid. Use your brain.

    please fully understand what i say before you insult me... iwas talking about the fact that the 4 pin connectors sometimes work on a 8 pin mobo. i have aquired a psu with the correct connectors and when i turn it on i get nothing, no beeps, no post, nothing. but the mobo is getting power.
  4. wow... you really not capable of understanding what im trying to say. the psu works great.. not once did i ever say that it the psu its self "may work" inferring that it may be faulty
  5. The CPU does take force to push inside, if its aligned properly, which it is only 1 way, then you put the cpu onto the socket and it takes a considerable amount of force to get the cover closed. However I am pretty sure I read in the mobo manual that a 1366 socket can take a CPU being put in and out 6 times until it can fail or be broken so be careful with that, I had push down pretty darn hard to get into place, i was nervous but its fine.
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