Where do I get miscellaneous and odd ball computer parts?

Hey everyone I have an hp a6245n desktop. And I used to have a drive bay vga psu in it. Well to get the drive bay psu to fit in the case I had to cut off the hinges that held the doors on after witch I threw the doors away ( since they could never be connected again ). I'm wondering if there is a place I can buy just the face to my computer because now I have taken the psu out and now have a big hole in the front of my computer.

Also the hdd bracket in there only holds 2 hdds but there is more than enough room to hold 4 and tabs on the chassis to support it. So is there a place I can buy a new hdd bracket?
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    It's far easier to buy a new case and transfer the old stuff over. Newegg has some rosewill cases as low as $19.99 with free shipping. I've had no problems with them. If your hp case is a very old proprietary non atx case, then check a goodwill computer center if your city has one. They send all their computer donations to one location in some cities. Or you can request an item for free on craigslist listing what you want to spend.
  2. o1die said:
    Newegg has some rosewill cases as low as $19.99 with free shipping.

    I've used half a dozen of them, 50% had to be returned because of the low end packaging allowing the plastic face to be damaged during shipping.
    Newegg was pretty good about it, I had to purchase another and wait 5-7 days for a refund on the damaged unit, but they sent the replacements out for Next Day delivery.
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