Overclocking E6400. Whats wrong?

So, im a newbie yet @ overclocking and I wanna know what am I doing wrong? I wanna play LA NOIRE but my pc goes at like 10 fps and gets random lag spikes.

Im using:
E6400 Core 2 duo from 2.13Ghz( 266x8 ) TO 2.66Ghz ( 333x8 ). Voltages at auto. Idle temps ~33 and at full load ~50
2x1GB 667mhz Ram and 2x4 667mhz Ram = 6HB of 667mhz RAM of the same manufacturer. The only thing I've done to Ram is set the multiplayer to 2 so that my FSB:DRAM is 1:1
Im also usuing 9800GT 512MB overclocked ~10%
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  1. Hey there,

    Dont set the voltages to auto because they run (way) higher then need to be, I'm new to OC aswell so find a good guide for E6400 and base your votages on that.
    But the problem here in my opinion is that your system is just to old for LA NOIRE. Even on a new system this game is a real ball breaker and runs at 30fps on a i5 quad core and a 560GTX.
    I think for being able to play this game your going to have to atleast upgrade to a GPU with 1gig ram. I know back in the day you could flash your 9600 ATI GPU to A 9800PRO but I don't know anything about flashing or OC GPU's today.

    Goodluck hope you can play it somehow it's a great game.

    PS: You can also consider buying a console if you want to save money and post pone your upgrade.
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