How to repair a cycle redundancy error on an external drive

my external drive fell, and some guys at the IT office use their tools to check it...however, we're recieveing is a 'cycle Redundancy error' can anything be done to retrieve the data from the external drive?
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  1. Here is the solution:
  2. thanks much for ur assistance but it seems as if its a physical error and not so much as software. i was adviced that i may have to leave the drive in an area for some time.....then try to read the data from it once more...thanks once again
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    Select the 'affected' drive and run the second option 'Scan and attempt...' the operative word is attempt. Dropping a HDD slaps the heads against the platter and it's worst if it was spinning at the time. You may have lost data permanently, and IMO the HDD needs to be discarded once the data is retrieved - it's damaged and unreliable.

    edit: If the scan is finding tons of errors then more than likely head(s) are damaged - STOP - and IF the data is really imporant then stop and send it to a data recovery center. A bad head is going to cause a lot more damage. The recovery places take apart the drive, clean the debris and replace the heads - it ain't cheap!
  4. ok i understand all what was said there but i'm not even getting the option to see the hearing a woooing the sound when you plug in it and after that...nothing, they (guys @ IT dept) have used a 'jump cable' and even went to 'device manager' to read the data....but its not running.
    so i was advise that the possibility exist if we leave it for some time, then attemp at retrieving the data. Thanks again for your answers
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