Can diablo 3 run ultra graphics on intel i5 core?

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  1. Sorry, your post is just unreadable.
  2. If I understood correctly, you want to run Diablo3 on ultra with an i5 2500k without a GPU. It's not going to happen. Your CPU has a built in GPU but it's way to weak to play games. You need a dedicated GPU like a 6870 or something.

    Also, your PSU you've chosen looks very dodgy/crappy, it's probably made by a bunch of monkeys. If you don't wont your system to potentially blow up, buy branded PSUs like Corsair, PC P&C, etc

    Your motherboard has integrated audio, like all motherboards.

    If I was you I would go to the system builder forum, and state your budget and what you want your system to do (gaming, video encoding...)
  3. k, thanks i didnt know how to tell with the mobo, this is my first time building
  4. i've tried it, it will run, but it won't be smooth.
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