My GTX 260 + Resident 5

Okay Yesterday i was playing Resident Evil 5 on DX10 with a pal of mine No problems whats so jump on to play w/ him and I'm playing in dx10 and i see blocks of pixels around some objects including my Character is it the Game or is my Graphics Card going Bad? please help! also, i cant test it on any other games because all of them are in DX9 and DX9 Runs fine in RE5 Today and yesterday. and I just set off AA to 0 instead of 8x = Huge Blocks of Black Pixels WHATS GOING ON again Please Help
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  1. i Just Played Lost Planet DX10 Demo and Didnt see One Pixel so i have No idea i messed something up RE5 but im Glad it isnt my Graphics Card
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