Stop hds from spinning on multiboot system ?

Hi, long time no post!
Anyway, I finally want to mess with Linux a bit and decided to install a new HD just for that. I also want to keep an old and trusted XP64 install on a second partition on the Linux HD. And I want to turn off the HD of the OS not being used to the point that the running OS wouldn't even see it, to avoid stupid energy consumption and a possible virus spreading from one Windows install to another. Is this possible ? I have the Linux/XP64 HD on the onboard IDE controler (thinking about replacing it with another SATA HD later on) and the Win7 install on a separate AHCI SATAII disk (configured as such in BIOS and sucessfully installed after). Motherboard is AsRock M3A790GXH.
Multibooting options and messings aside, I can't stop the HDs from spinning (without unplugging the power cords of course). I would have hoped that I could at least turn off the Win7 SATA one, as more power and disk management options is one of the things SATA advertized..

Thanks to all, this site has grown a lot since my last visit, I'm getting f*** old:)
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  1. you could try (once you get into linux)

    umount/dev/SD*** (device here)

    which will unmount the volume, basically turning it off. It will still spin, although at an idle rate, but no data could be transferred to or from it.
  2. Hi, thanks. I know, but I'm mostly concerned with the Windows installs not seing each other. In the past I've done this with ATA by simply turning the HD's off on the BIOS but they would still spin.
    Pretty stupid this hasn't been done before isn't it....
  3. So you want the Linux/XP HD off when you are in windows? and the Windows only drive off when you are in XP on the Linux/win drive?

    because the solution I gave would have the win only drive off while in Linux.
  4. there are no available settings hardware wise for a HDD not to spin up. only way is to unplug them.

    a removable tray system like this might would work if you have two SATA drives
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