32 GB ssd for 2 OS?

hey yall...i just got my new awesome gaming pc but the startup is really slow...plus i installed win 7 and its kind of giving me problems...i hav a 1 tb samsumg hdd which is a 7200 rpm hdd...i wanted to buy an ssd by transcend but its too expensive...at first i wanted to get a 64 gb one which i cud partition into 2 32gb local disk and make 1 for xp and the other one for 7...but as the price for 64 gb is same as 2 tb hdd... i thought i shud get something cheaper and thought if i cud get 32gb one for these two OS...i dunno if its a good idea so i need help :)
thnx yall
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  1. Why not just run xp virtually in Win 7? Its free and supported by Microsoft, and that way you would have more space on an ssd. ocz makes 60GB ssds that use SATA III for $99.
  2. i dont really have ssd very much available around my place so i think i only hav the access to transcend ssds....but if i find ocz ill definitely grab em..i have vm ware...i aslo have xp...if i run it as a virtual machine wud it be the same thing? as in i can run the pc as i wud just starting up xp? hope i cud actually say what i mean...
  3. I suggest you buy one off of newegg.com, thats where I found the OCZ for $99, plus many more brands and sizes. Running xp virtually is pretty much the same thing as having xp installed, except you dont have to use any boot loaders or multiple partitions.

    This is where you can get more info on Virtual PC:

  4. like i said ..i dont hav newegg....i dont live in us....
  5. thnx for the virtual thingy help tho! will try tht!
  6. I think Win 7 recommends 40 gb minimum for drive. Is there any particular reason you need to run XP still? Also the downside to Virtual PC is its going to be sharing your memory at the same time as Win 7 If you have more then 4 gb it shouldn't be an issue though.
  7. ferboturbo said:
    like i said ..i dont hav newegg....i dont live in us....

    Just tell us the country and there's probably a member here who knows where to get them in your country.
  8. i live in bangladesh...the last tym i asked for help he helped me...i forgot who he was...
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