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I'm planning on a building a new system and am torn between ATI's better value but rumors of worse software support (especially for OpenGL) and Nvidia's performance and software support at a higher cost. This system would be used for both windows and linux, and would be used to play games using both directX and OpenGL (and in fact creating games with OpenGL). Any recommendations? Is bad driver support for ATI and opengl old rumors that don't hold water anymore?
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  1. so you suspect ati cards dont work properly?

    gee, I wonder how they manage to sell so many and there are so few idiotic rumours about them
  2. because most games are direct x? thanks for the helpful answer.
  3. Opengl is not a problem for ati cards . If anything the windows drivers are better than the nVidia alternatives that I have used

    decent linux drivers might be an issue . Check with the linux community about driver support.
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