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Hey guys, I've asked many questions in the past and I find you're all a trust worthy and helpful bunch.

So my buddy just paid 1k for a laptop with a 4650M and some other bells and whistles so his girlfriend can play Champions online, but that games eats up GTX295s and spits them out. Can anyone tell me about the 4650, how it compares to other M series cards etc. I searched google but I found little information about the card itself.

Benchmarks would also be great.
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  1. The 4650M is a solid card for a notebook, but notebook cards don't perform nearly as fast as their desktop variants.

    Here's a rough benchmark comparing the 4650M and other mobile cards
  2. Seems the 9800m is much better so that proves me right anyways, I have a feeling it's going to be crushed by Champions online though. Thanks!
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