Graphics card issue---PLEASE HELP!!

So...I bought this Sapphire HD 2600XT card a while back and it worked perfectly for a while on my Dimension 8400 (mad old I know)but a few months ago I got an ati2dvag infinite loop blue screen error...since then when I boot up I get vertical lines that go up my Dell and Windows XP loading screen...I have tried reinstalling the card and the dust off of it because it may have over heated...and still the same thing...I only get the blue screen error when I install the latest driver for it...otherwise my computer does not detect the card...

Is my card broken for good? How can I fix this?

The only things I've upgraded on my Dell Dimension 8400 is the video card and Two 1gb sticks of ram...
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  1. maybe your card broken.try to install older version of drivers. you can also test your card on another pc to make sure if your card can run fine on another pc
  2. Thank you, I'll give it a try
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