First Time Overclocking, Noob here, results, feedback appreciated

I need some feedback, total noob here!

This is my first pc build, and of course the first time i overclocked, i built this pc back in september 2011, and yesterday i overclocked it to 4.5 GHZ following this guide Beginners: How to set your 25/6/700K to 4.5Ghz


CPU: I5-2500K @4.5 GHZ
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4 Gb 1600 mhz
CPU COOLER: Hyper 212 EVO with Push/Pull (i added yesterday)
Fans: 2 intake (front, side) 3 exhaust (1 rear, 2 top)
Boot Drive: Vertex 3 120 GB

I followed all the steps on the guide:

-I disabled EIST, C1 AND C5E (something like this), everything else on AUTO.
-I found out my ram was being read at 1300 mhz when it is 1600 mhz, so i changed that....
-Multiple Load "something" (its supposed to be LLC on my BIOS) changed to 5 (50%),
-DRAM Voltage was already on 1.5V (i just turned off auto and set it manually)

Test and results:

I have only been changing and testing with CPU VCORE Voltage, i started at 1.350 as this guide mentions, and after 30 minutes of Prime95 blend test i stopped it because i realized the CPU VCORE voltage had reached at some point 1.75!! accourding to CPUID:

Then i resetted my pc and changed CPU VCORE voltage all the way down to 1.300, i ran again blend test for little more than 3 hours (i fell asleep), when i wake up, i stopped it again, because CPU VCORE had reached at some point 1.68! according to CPUID:

Then i reset again my pc and changed CPU VCORE voltage to 1.28 (i dont remember last digits...), i ran again the blend test for 5 minutes and stopped it because according to CPUID, my CPU temp had reached at some point 126C!:

I stopped the blend test and closed CPUID, the open it again and everything was normal... so im running the test again now .... 1 hour 30 min so far, everything is fine... just dram voltage MAX is currently 1.63.. value is 1.51.... is this safe?

1.30 max CPU VCORE voltage according to CPUID and value is 1.28, Max core temp is 62C (core 2). CPU-Z says core voltage 1.284....

I stopped this test, dropped cpu vcore .10 again, to 1.275 i think. tried now the intel burn test and it failed: (NO BSOD or FREEZE)

Should i raise the voltage?? my pc didnt froze or bsod....

So, can someone tell me whats going on?? is everything alright?? do i have faulty hardware?? is my hardware damaged?? can i reduce even more the cpu vcore voltage?? do i have to worry about something??? do i need to change something on my BIOS??

Im really a total noob in overclocking......

Thank you for your time and this guide
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  1. First of all, it is wrong to disable eist, c1e, and the rest of the c states. They should be enabled. It saves energy and has no negative impact on overclocking(other than major overclocks such as 4.8+ghz).

    Lower your LLC, that is what is causing your cpu voltage to rise that high on load.
    I suggest setting your cpu vcore to "normal" and than using and adjusting dynamic vcore rather than the cpu vcore. Try starting dynamic vcore at an initial +0.1v.

    I'd also change the way you overclock. Rather than setting frequency to a specific point and raising voltages until problems cease, I would set vcore and frequency to default and raise frequency by 1ghz and test until its unstable than raise the vcore by small steps until its stable again and repeat. I did it your way because I thought it way was faster but in the end the way I just wrote is actually better and you'll get to you goal overclock faster.
  2. Your link to your guide doesn't work but I googled it instead and looking at it, I wouldn't use it.

    I'd started my overclock with this guide...
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