Using the LCD screen from a fried Laptop as a second monitor?

Hey guys, iv got a nice, great looking, but broken HP DV6000 which wont boot up but does light up...anyway i was curiuos if there would be a way to use the nice big LCD monitor as a second monitor.....maybe hook it up to my working laptop an use the HPs screen as a secondary monitor? Thanks for any in cite :-)
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  1. you gotta be good at wiring and you need a cut vga/hdmi/dvi cable to connect to your laptop or you somehow wire it directly, i wouldn't recommend it, juts do a rma or something
  2. Do you think it would be worth sending the laptop to HP for a diagnosis? The PC wont boot however Im not 100% that its the MOBO or CPU.....i was thinking about just selling it on Ebay, but maybe it would be worth sending it to HP? Any comments?
  3. The HDD may have died. My wife's HP laptop had a number of issues where it just died. The HDD cage was set wrong, the power cord (internal aspects) were shot. And the HDD was dead after a year. I think it was shoddy parts, but whatever. HP fixed it. I think it was just within the 1 year warranty or something, cause I don't think we paid anything to have them look at it and fix it.
  4. Hey guys thanks for replying, so i did call HP and they had offered to fix this laptop for $259 i guess he said usually it would of been 400 but because there was a recall on this PC he would give me a discount, its out of warrenty. So any thoughts as to which option to go with,

    1) sell on ebay

    2) fix for 259 ( i recived the laptop for free so basicly id be buying the HP DV6000 for 259, and i hear its a really great notebook??

    here is the link, im not all that knowladgable and im the worst at making what do the more advanced folks here at toms suggest?

    id really rather buy a better CPU and or MOBO to replace my

    Intel dual core 2 duo E6300 1.86Ghz
    on a DG965WH board.....

    i was thinking about just upgrading the CPU to a Dual Quade Core CPU that would fit that MOBO...

    Again thanks for any incite suggestions recomendations or straight up thoughts about what you would do if you had a limited budget. Thanks so much for your replies :-)
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