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I'm looking to upgrade to an SSD to run Windows off of and a few other programs (Eclipse Helios, Dead Space 2, etc.). If I were to buy and install the drive, how would I re-focus Windows 7 and these other apps to run off of it? Would I go through the BIOS or is there a feature in the OS?


Any good recommendations? I'm looking to spend no more than $120...
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    The best procedure is to do a fresh install on the SSD. In fact, all your other drives should be disconnected while you do this, to ensure that it's not using the boot loader on your old drive.

    If you don't have the patience / time / compulsiveness to re-install, you will need an SSD at least as big as your current OS partition's data. You can do a backup with something like EASEUS To-Do backup, and then "Restore to dissimilar hardware." Just copying the partition, or files, or doing a clone will leave you in either an unusable state or a bad state.

    With that price range, you are probably limited to a 64 GB device. Maybe
  2. ^5 +1 what WyomingKnott said.

    A fresh intall is preferred.
  3. if I do a fresh install of the OS and the programs I want to (currently) run of it and the re-attach my other 2 hdds, will there be any errors in communication between the 3? Is there something I should do before attaching the hdds? Will the cpu know to run Windows off the ssd if it's installed on both?
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  5. Disconnect your two hard drives.
    Install and connect the ssd to an appropriate SATA port.
    Boot the computer and immediately go into BIOS.
    Enable ACHI mode for the ssd.
    Check and make sure the ssd is designated as the boot drive.
    Save the settings and continue the start-up.
    Do a fresh install of Windows 7
    Install appropriate drivers for the ssd.
    Restart the computer to see if everything is okay.
    Install the rest of the software you want on the ssd.

    Now there might be a tricky part. Will your two hard drives have any software programs on them or just data folders and files?
  6. Wow, thank you for that step-by-step guide! They have a lot of software - Visio, CS5, Visual Studio, Office, about 10 games, etc. But if I get a 64gb device I'll only have room for Windows and a few other items, right?
  7. Right! The games will use up quite a bit of space. Gamers on a tight budget typically only install their most often played game on a ssd and store additional games on a hard drive. If they want to play a different game they swap out the games.
  8. Need help with the hdd to new sdd :)
  9. what if i choose windows-easy transfering?
    usb with my moms laptop, and save the clone there and install/boot on the new sdd and clone it over ???
  10. + im a gamer ;) and i have installed 10 games or something,
    but i most play battlefield 3 and Counter strike source and call of duty modern warfare 3 .. 3 games i have to install on the new sdd, when its ready, but does my saved-games stay when im gonna install the games again ? or
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