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What would be the best graphics card for my build? I do moderate gaming, mainly WOW but I do plan on buying Borderlands when the money is available.
Here is my build:

Phenom II x2 550 BE
Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
4GB DDR3 OCZ Gold 1066MHz
Raidmax Smilodon Extreme Black Case
Antec Earthwatts EA380 PSU
WD Caviar Blue 320GB HD

I was planning on spending between $40 and $60 but I am open to all suggestions.
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  1. renz496 said:

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I was also wondering how good of a graphics card my PSU could handle in my set up?
  2. Best answer
    Those are the best cards in your price range. Depending on the resolution you plan on playing at you might want to consider upping your budget to around $100 for an HD4770/4850.
  3. If I can budget $100 then I'll definitely get the 4850. Thanks a lot.
  4. Keep in mind the HD4770 is smaller, cooler and much more power efficient than an HD4850 with only a slightly lower performance.
  5. I'll keep that in mind since I don't want to push my PSU too hard.
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